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These are some tools i've made to help you with tablatures : creating pdf files, convert or transpose them easily
Click on thumbnails to open web applications in a new tab
A) Creating a pdf file of a tablature in order to keep an easyly readable version.
        Keyboarding of tablature is handmade, it can be provided by a copy and paste from an existing file.
Caption of usable signs for tablature is writen on the genrator page.
The generated file is really readable for everyone and easyly sharable.

B) Convert a tablature in order to play it in the same key on a different harmonica.
        This convertor tool allows you to switch between a major key into a minor one
natural or harmonic or even to a chromatic harmonica.
The display of the notes can be done with various ways.

C) Transpose a tablature for the same harmonica.
        This transposer tool allows you to modify the key of a tune and keep the same diatonic harmonica.
You could also avoid or search some notes (Overblows for exemple)