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Quelques tests logiciels pour harmonica
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 Mini amp test - Danelectro Honeytone (08/10/2009)
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here we are, i just receive my Danelectro Honeytone, and i've decided to make you a short review,
to make you discover this little thing.
A friend had let me try his and i've been well surprised, it's now your turn to discover it !
 Screenshot of the beast ;o) :   Aperçu de la taille
First, notice that there is not Firebreath provided with the
avec le Danelectro. I just put it beside to elt you see the small size of the amp !
 What's in the box :   Comparatif de taille
As you could see, inside the box, you can find an amp (what a surprise !) and an instructions booket (manual and settings). The 9V battery is provided too,
it's cool when you forget to buy one for your new device !
 Front view :   Vue de face
First thing, it's really little, really light, someone can say little bit cheap;
but when you know the price, it won't be made with steel... I find it cute with its vintage look and colors.
(Three colors available : green, red et old yellow). The "handle" on the top must be decorative, because when you see the size and weight of the amp, you don't need a handle...
 Top view :   Controles de l'ampli
Control panel ! With a volume knob (also used to switch on/off), another for the tone and the last is for overdrive.
And you could see the input jack and the monitor led. Personally i don't need anything else !!
On the famous Pignose i think that's the overdrive is missing, here you've got one !
 Side view :   Vue de coté
A mini jack output for your headphones (really useful to practice with the amp without annoying your familly !)
and an input for sector adaptator (not provided).
 Rear view :   Arrière de l'engin
A belt clip, which is smart when you know the size of the amp. And the battery trap door (here opened).
 Booklet of settings :   Livret de settings
The booklet provided contains 16 sound presets. Like a gift provided by Danelectro. Another good point !
Presets goes from "Clean and spanky" to "70's Brit" with a special mention for "Send the cats under the bed" (real !! ;o) ).
 Booklet of settings :   Livret de settings

Now let's try it.
(Record made here have been made very quickly and are bad quality. You're warned ;o) ! )
Tests report :
    - Harmonica Golden Melody G
    - Microphone Audix Fireball
    - Impédance adaptator
    - Honeytone amplifier
Record microphone :
    - Altec Lansing
Test conditions :
    - Record microphone at 20 centimeters of the Danelectro amp.
    - Settings of the amp as showned in the booklet (but volume lowered in order to respect my neighbours).
First test with sound preset : "Warm Jazz" :    
Second test with sound preset : "Killer Blues" :    
Third try with sound preset : "Clean and spanky" :    
Forth try with sound preset : "Send the cats under the bed" :    
And fith and last test with a personnal sound setting (clean sound + very light overdrive) :    
Conclusion :
    - Sound is good, it's not a big tube amplifier, it's shure, but it only cost the same price as an harmonica.(near 40 US dollars)
    - If you compare quality to price, for me it's a good value for money !
    - You can bring it with you everywhere you go ! Battery + belt clip + jack + microphone and you can jam with your friends !
    - I like the vintage look, but maybe you won't.
    - It has enough power if you live in a apartment. The overdrive knob is a gain knob.
       If you play with a clean sound (or overdrive at a very low level), we do have less power but it's still reasonable.
    - I dont' know anything about solidity, i just received mine ! Maybe it could be a litlle bit fragile.
    - Something to notice : When you play with a blues overdrive, it's really easy,
      being at a meter of the amp, to have a feedback (with my microphone). With little more distance,
      it disappears. I didn't try it at my belt.
My advise is that you can buy this little amp if you'd like to play with your headphones or with soft sound, in an apartment for example.
or if you'd like to try aplified sound. Comparing to Pignose, i apreciate th weight and size.
I also apreciate the overdrive knob which allows you to play clean.
And the headphones output ! (but i don't remember if Pignose has one. It fits to me ! ;o)