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Quelques tests logiciels pour harmonica
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Sheet Music Trainer  2010/07/06
Sheet Music Trainer Treble is a little software to practice notes reading on iPhone.
The software loads very quickly, no problem on that point.
A screenshot of the startup page of the application :
( Click on the picture to enlarge it )
Using it is very easy : just click on "Start" !
The user interface is clear, simplistic.
You are here to improve your skills in note reading and nothing else !

There is no option available, but what option could you need ?
A screenshot of the main practice page :
( Click on the picture to enlarge it )
All you have to do is to click on the note name which is printed in the music sheet.
The aim is of course to improve your "scores" being better and better.
The avantage for harmonica players is that this game only concern treble key (as its name already tells us !)

Conclusion :
   if you're like me and you're not good in note reading, Sheet Music Trainer Treble is made for you !

I like :
     Training based only on treble key
I don't like :
     There is no table board, only the best score. Uncool if you'd like to play with friends and if you'd like to see
if you improve your skills !
Software cost is maybe a little too high because it's a little application.

Price on the store (on 2010/07/06) : 3.99 euros
Link to the software on the store