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Quelques tests logiciels pour harmonica
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Tempo  07/05/2010
Tempo is, as its name indicates it, a metronome software for the iPhone.
The software loads quickly, we're in the average of loading time.
A scrrenshot of the main screen :
( Click on the picture to enlarge it )
As you could see, all functionality are directly available.
The Graphical User Interface is very easy to use.
On the screenshot above, you could see that i've pick : metric 4/4, tempo at 115 on quarter note, and (showned with red circles) some informations : audio mark on first time (symbol >) and an unmarked audio second time.

In the options screen, you can find the essentials : landscape or portrait display, sound choose, display of not of the first time, iPhone's screen lock disabled...
A screenshot of these settings :
( Click on the picture to enlarge it )
The software recognize manual tap of tempo

Conclusion :
   Classic metronome, cool, usefull and with a correct price. Very usefull to have it on the iPhone
I like :
     Modern design
Main screen with direct access to all functionalities
Nice sounds
Volume setting directly on the main screen
I don't like :
     The "flash on first beat" option, with too much brutal eye contact.

Price on the store (on 07/05/2010) : 1.59 euros
Link on the Apple Store