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Quelques tests logiciels pour harmonica
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ProTune  2010/07/06
ProTune is a tuner, less beautiful than Cleartune but i think it's more precise.
The software loads quickly enough, nothing to report on that point.
A screenshot of the mains screens :
( Click on the pictures to enlarge it )
"Strobe" display   "Needle" display   "Digital" display
At loading, you can see the tuner with the display you've previously choosen inf the options.
Sensitivity is as it has to be, very precise. The three displays will allows it to be apreciated by everyone.
I prefer the "Needle" mode because you can see precisely when you slowly lower a bend note for example.
It's a chromatic tuner, but your can configure it in its options on differents tuning settings.
A screenshot of this functionnality : :
( Click on the picture to enlarge it )
In the options, nothing unknown but everything is here :
    Reference frequency.
    Tuning settings.
    Display choosen.
    And the special feature : you can give a name to a set of settings.
A screenshot of this options screen :
( Click on the picture to enlarge it )
To give a name to a set of settings allows you to switch easily from one to each other, and to easily find them into a dedicated screen.
On the main page, you can find in the top left corner a button named "Setups"
This button allows you to access a dedicated screen where you can choose between your differents sets of settings the one you'd like to use. It's very useful when all your harmonicas aren't tuned at the same frequency !!
A screenshot of the choose screen :
( Click on the picture to enlarge it )
From this screen, you can directly create a new set of settings, using the button +.

Conclusion :
   A very cool software, with a correct price, and which did all that you want.
   I prefer it to Cleartune (tested HERE) because it's more precise and i think it's using little bit less battery.

I like :
     Differents displays, a good idea to be liked by everyone.
It's reactivity and its accuracy.
I don't like :
     Nothing ! If necessary i would say the background color of the "Needle" display.
And the price is higher than some others tuners on iPhone, but it's a cool tuner with good ideas and very precise.

Price on the store (on 2010/07/06) : 2.99 euros
Link to the software on the store