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Quelques tests logiciels pour harmonica
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Cleartune  06/05/2010
Cleartune is a well realised tuner, with a nice and attractive design.
The software loads quickly, no problem on that point.
A screenshot of the main screen :
( Click on the picture to enlarge it )
At startup, you discover a classic tuner.
Sometimes i think it is a little bit to sensitive to noise sounds. Even without playing in front of the microphone, the tuner is searching which note you're playing !
Two modes are available. The first one is previewes above.
The second one (available by clicking on the icone faced to tuning fork's one) allows you to ear the choosen note.
You juste have to turn the wheel note, the choose the octave you'd like to ear.
A scrrenshot of this functionality :
( Click on the picture to enlarge it )
In the setting screen, you can find the classics :
    Reference frequency.
    Type of tuning.
    Choosen sound for the seconde mode.
A screenshot of the options screen :
( Click on the picture to enlarge it )
Speaking of the tuning, there is a lot of choices
Two screenshots of the range of available tunings :
( Click on pictures to enlarge it )

Conclusion :
   A very cool little software, with a correct price, and which did its tuning job. Very useful to keep in the pocket !
I Like :
I don't like :
     The few crazy moments when the tuner shows randomed notes...
Sensitivity to external noise sounds
Greedness for the iPhone battery.

Price on the store (on 06/05/2010) : 3.99 $
Link on the Apple Store